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  • Why do I need therapy?
    Generally speaking, we all can benefit from therapy, it is a place where we can explore our issues and learn how to improve our lives. During our sessions, we will focus on your strengths and abilities as a way to utilize them to better your life and to move away from feeling stuck. We will work on providing you tools to handle hardships you may be dealing with.
  • I don’t like to talk about my emotions, would I benefit from therapy?
    In our sessions you don’t necessarily need to talk about your emotions. We will work together to better understand your choices and your thinking process as a way to change your behaviors. This allows for learning and the creation of life improvement tools.
  • What is the difference between anxiety and depression?
    When we experience anxiety, we usually feel fast heart beats, sweaty hands, the brain is racing, we have difficulty focusing, we worry a lot, having difficultly falling or staying asleep and shortness of breath. Feeling depressed may cause us to feel down, we feel low or no energy, want to stay in bed, not feeling like socializing, feeling sad, loss of appetite, and experiencing small tasks as hard to do, or sleeping more than usual. Both are on a spectrum of severity and may interfere with our daily lives. They can occur separately and or together and both are treatable. You can benefit in our sessions to learn new positive coping skills to manage these feelings, as well as learning to gain your trust back in yourself. Every person is unique, and I am happy to work with you to address your specific needs.
  • What should I expect from our first session?
    In our first session you will share your story and the challenges in your life. We will discuss who you are and your life experiences. This will enable me to better understand what your therapy goals are and where you’d like to see improvement.
  • When will I see results or when will I notice a change in me?
    Therapy is a process, there is no magic pill. Expecting a “quick fix” is unrealistic. That being said, our first session will focus on putting together a set of tools and a plan to begin your journey of healing and improving your life.
  • How long does therapy last?
    This is an individual question. If you are addressing a specific issue, it would be shorter than dealing with something life encompassing. However, an issue that seems specific on the surface, can be a result of deeper issues that need to be addressed. Regardless, therapy would last as long as you feel necessary.
  • How do I choose the right therapist?
    Therapy or counseling is a very unique and personal process. A place where you feel comfortable talking about yourself, what bothers you, and be able to share things that you wouldn’t otherwise share with anybody. To do this, you'll need to have a solid feeling about your therapist, and trust that they will be respectful and allow you to feel heard, trusted, and connected with. We can work on it together.
  • I have issues in my relationship with my wife. How can you help me?
    We will explore how home life currently is in your ‘day-to-day' and the underlying reasons that may have led to these circumstances. Together we will work toward learning and practicing healthy and open communication, improving intimacy, and bettering your relationship.
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